Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Global leprosy data for 2011 indicates a continuing plateau of new cases

The WHO’s Weekly Epidemiological Record published on 24th August 2012 reports the total number of new cases of leprosy detected in 2011 as almost 220,000. 

18 countries reported ≥1000 new cases contributing 94% of the new cases detected
globally in 2011. While this is a decline of 9,500 on the figure for 2010 it should be noted that Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania have not reported this year and have between them regularly reported around ten thousand new cases annually in recent years.

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ILEP General Secretary, Doug Soutar notes,
“Over 16 million people have been treated since the introduction of multi drug therapy in the early 1980s but the continuing detection of over 200 thousand new cases of leprosy annually together with the disabling consequences of this neglected disease, require us to strengthen and maintain our efforts to ensure effective and sustainable leprosy control in all endemic countries”.