25/02/2019: UKCNTD statement: Success in tackling diseases of poverty shows why DFID is more important than ever

Communities receive drugs to protect them against NTDs
Communities receive drugs to protect them against NTDs

  • NTDs affect 1.4 billion of the world poorest people through mortality, morbidity, disability and stigma. 

  • NTDs are a key barrier to attainment of the MDGs and poverty eradication. 

The UK Coalition against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) is a collaborative partnership between UK organisations actively engaged in NTD research and implementation and in advocating for effective sustainable NTD control programmes. 

To effectively control and eliminate NTDs we believe:

  • National government leadership is essential to deliver effective and sustainable NTD control efforts
  • NTD programmes should be integrated with other health, water and sanitation and education initiatives
  • Funding to control and eliminate NTDs needs to be coordinated and increased