Thursday, 26 January 2012

Here's the latest version of the agenda for our Achieving Equity through Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Building the Future of NTDs Together:
Towards Equity through the Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Welcome - Alan Fenwick   UK Coalition (SCI)

Panel 1 Reflection and further information on developments highlighted in morning session (short presentations or statements with Q and A)
Chair - Regina Rabinovich   BMGF
·         WHO NTD Road map   Lorenzo Savioli   WHO
·         Supporting NTD elimination and control   Caroline Anstey    World Bank
·         Pharmaceutical Industry    Andy Wright   GSK
·         DFID  Chris Whitty   DFID
Panel 2 Session: Question: What is needed to ensure sustained investment in control and elimination of NTDs?
Chair - Prof. David Mabey   LSHTM   
·         Endemic Country   Blandina Nyoni   Permanent Secretary Ministry of  Health and Social Welfare Tanzania 
·         Donor   Sean Carney   Childrens Investment Fund Foundation
·         Pharma   Jutta Reinhard-Rupp   Merck Serono   
·         An NGO   Lesley Drake   Partnership for Child Development  
·         Research Institute   Roy Anderson   London Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases/Imperial College
·         Advocacy Organisation   Neeraj Mistry    Global Network for NTDs
Tea Break
Panel 3 Question: How can we better harmonize our effort to achieve effective control and elimination of NTDs?
Chair - Don Bundy   World Bank
·         Endemic Country   A.F. M Ruhal Haque   Minster of Health and Family Welfare Bangladesh
·         Donor   Ariel Pablos Mendez    USAID
·         Pharma   Ken Gustavsen   Merck
·         NGO   Frank Richards   Carter Center
·         A research institution   Janet Hemingway   Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
·         Advocacy Organisation   Simon Bush   NGDO NTD Network
Perspective from Endemic Countries   
A speaker from an endemic country Minister of Health

Closing remarks including further endorsement of London Declaration
Caroline Harper  UK Coalition (Sightsavers)

Reception opening and interactive poster session 
Regina Rabinovich   BMGF